Users dump more data into their Android than any other smartphone, according to a study issued by Nielsen.

The report analyzed nearly 65,000 U.S. cell phone bills within first quarter, concluding that the Android generates an average of 582 Mbytes per month, compared to 492 Mbytes among Apple iOS users.

However, the same report also showed categories of data usage between Apple iPhone and Android to be on par with one another, such as the volume of traffic for downloading apps; about 74 percent of Android owners downloaded apps within the last month, juxtaposed with 79 percent of iOS users; 43 percent (Android owners) and 46 percent (iPhone owners) streamed online music or mobile radio within the past 30 days. Lastly, 35 percent of Android owners and 37 percent of iOS users reported watching online videos in the past 30 days.

The survey doesn't go into deep details -- it doesn't say anything about the cellular providers or distinguish whether the data usage took place over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. It also doesn't delve into why the Android generates more data.

But the survey does make one thing clear: The Android continues to be a major force within the smartphone market.

Android generates more data usage compared to other smartphones

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