Amazing Spiderman Mobile AppSony Pictures has launched a free mobile app in anticipation of the July release of The Amazing Spider-Man, focusing on astounding augmented reality technology.

For the app, a special shoot with the movie’s stunt team was arranged. Fans across the globe can activate animation scenes by locating special marker images, which are located in designated Sony Stores, the Activision website, and in the pages of Entertainment Weekly. Since photos of Spider-Man can also be taken by the app in these locations, photos will therefore be unique to each user’s experience and can be shared with friends. Once activated, Spider-Man “swings through buildings, crawls up walls, shoots his web at the screen, or engages with nefarious characters on the streets.”

Game of Shadows iPad AppDevelopers have made sure Spider-Man isn’t the only film following this trend; Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows has a companion app for its Blu-ray edition. The iPad app can be used alone or can sync to the movie, controlling playback and allowing fans to learn more about the characters and scenes on screen.  Donnie Roach, executive director of creative services at Warner Home Video, mentions that, “You can think of it as a digital coffee-table book,” due to its imagery and ability to interact.

Battleship and The Hunger Games are also along for the companion app ride.

Battleship - Destroyer Experience
Battleship: Destroyer Experience” lets fans explore the USS John Paul Jones as well as the enemy’s ship.  By exploring each environment, exclusive scenes can be unlocked.



The Hunger Games

In the case of The Hunger Games Blu-ray release, the companion app gives more information on characters and actors, similar to the Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows app. Currently, the app gives a behind the scenes look at disc production as well as a reminder for the DVD release in August.

From horror to historical, soon there will be an app complementing the release of every major motion picture. Keep a look out this summer!

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