Drivers in Tennessee can now renew or replace their driver’s licenses on iPads.

The Tennessee Department of Safety installed 72 iPads at kiosks spread across 26 drive000r service centers in the state. It cost $80,000. According to Mashable, state officials are hoping the iPad option speeds up transactions for everyone at the driver service centers. Services can be paid for at the iPad station with a credit or debit card.Drivers in Tennessee can now renew or replace their driver’s licenses on iPads

Once the transaction is complete, new driver’s licenses or ID cards are available within minutes.

Knoxville news station WATE explained that iPads were selected because already-existing equipment was reaching the end of its life. The built-in touchscreen, compact size and wireless capabilities of the iPad are other factors that were considered. The wireless signal already in place at service centers can be provided to the iPads without additional hardware or rewiring.

The iPad kiosks are called automatic self-service electronic terminals (ASSETS) and were installed in urban areas of the state, like Nashville. Other uses include changing home addresses or paying reinstatement fees. Though the iPads are a self-service station, proper documentation for reinstatement still has to be presented once the reinstatement charge is paid. The Department of Safety is planning to add more features to the iPads soon, including the ability to schedule a road test.

Tennessee Department of Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons has said that reducing wait time at the driver service centers is one of the department’s top priorities. Drivers wishing to save even more time can renew or replace licenses via the Internet.

No other state has adopted the iPad for driver licensing at this time.

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