Siri, the voice activation system for the iPhone 4S, has the answers to all of your questions, right? Wrong. Apparently, questions that regard to finding abortion clinics and contraception won’t follow through. Siri responds, “I don't see any places matching 'get an abortion.' Sorry about that." Pro-Choice activists found this incredibly fishy.  They started a petition that was signed by over 1,000 people pleading for Apple to update Siri. Whether this was just a minor error on Apple’s part, or it was for sure on purpose, no one knows the truth.  All we know is Apple has now updated Siri to find abortion clinics. So how about it folks, what do you think about all this? Is Apple purposely against abortion? Or was it just a minor detail overlooked on their part? Write down your thoughts and comments, Zco Corporation wants to hear them!

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