According to a Deutsche Bank analyst, the PC has had its 15 minutes of fame.  In his recent report, Chris Whitmore announced PC sales are expected to grow 4% in 2011, down from his original forecast of 9%.

Whitmore’s rationale: the Tablet stole the limelight.

While businesses will more than likely continue to purchase PCs, it is the tablet – in particular Apple's iPad – that has the greatest effect on the notebook market. Whitmore even upped his expectations of tablet sales to 45 million this year, changing his initial prediction of 40 million. The analyst also expects a “slew” of new tablets to emerge over the course of the year, some by PC manufacturers themselves.

“We remain skeptical whether the likes of (HP), Dell, Motorola, Samsung and RIMM etc can close the competitive gap on iPad 2,” Whitmore stated. “Specifically, iPad challengers must either undercut on price (negative margin implications) and/or offer a superior user experience.”

The tablet may be winning the battle, but, for now, we’ll conclude it isn’t over until the PC maker sings!

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