Smartphone For Business UseWith more and more business professionals owning a smartphone, tablet, or both, it is becoming more evident that mobile technology is essential beyond just consumer use. It is actually proven that custom applications tailored to employees’ roles will increase sales and productivity for businesses.

This increase in sales has been proven in 2010 by The Yankee Group in “Anywhere Enterprise--Large: U.S. Mobility and Applications Survey”. Through this survey it was discovered that there was an increase in forecast accuracy, field selling time, and win rates by at least a 25%. There was also a reduced sales call cost, administrative time, and a shorter sales cycle by at least 23%. According to “How To Use Mobile Business Apps to Increase Sales” the increase in sales is not completed by applications that can be purchased in the general app store, but instead using customized company applications created for a specific position.

Improve Business Productivity Through Custom Mobile ApplicationsMobile applications are also linked to an increase in productivity and collaboration. A Zendesk infographic based on data collected by BusinessWeek, Forrester, ABI Research, Read Write Web, and GigaOm Pro shows that increased productivity was one goal of implementing mobile apps for 42% of businesses in general and 59% of small businesses. Based on this data, it seems productivity is a major pain points for businesses of all sizes that mobile apps can address. The key is knowing what is expected in the future for mobile technology so a sustainable plan of action can be implemented, and the article “Infographic: Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Are the Future” is a great tool to visually see where business is headed.

There are also numerous studies that display the future lies in enterprise mobile applications, and lots of them. The Harvard Business Review in “How Mobility Is Changing the Enterprise” indicates that among mobile apps already deployed in enterprises, 58% are custom-tailored to the company's specific industry processes, helping them connect departments, increase sales, and improve customer service; and the number is anticipated to grow exponentially. Harvard Business Review also anticipates that enterprise applications will be one of the most important tools for a business’s success, and based on the growth of technology it is hard to anticipate how fast this change will take place.

Not only will businesses be developing custom applications to improve business functions and allow for smoother operations, but a Gartner report from February 2013 also anticipates that by 2017 a quarter of enterprises will have custom application stores containing all the applications created and approved for business use. This will allow employees to download company and position-specific applications.

As presented above, the application world keeps growing, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s time to get ahead of the curve and be on the forefront of business technology. If you are interested in creating custom mobile solutions or to get in touch with the enterprise mobile experts at Zco feel free to call us at 603.881.9200 or email us!

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