The Walter Isaacson biography about Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, could end up being's top seller for the entire year. The book hit stores with a little more than two months left of 2011.

The title, Steve Jobs, became available for pre-ordering on Amazon's site in June. Following Jobs' death earlier this month, the biography jumped to the top of the charts. It holds the top spot in hardcover, Kindle digital editions, and recorded audiobook.

The book chronicles Jobs' life from beginning to end and is composed of some 40 interviews, the writer, Isaacson had with Jobs. Isaacson talked to friends, colleagues, and competitors and to fill the 656 pages. After Jobs’ took medical leave from Apple, Isaacson had more captivating information for the story, because Jobs’ removed himself from the public eye. Nonetheless, it was updated with details about Jobs' death by its release date.

Original plan was to have the book released next year. An Amazon spokeswoman, Brittany Turner, told Reuters in a statement. "The way things are trending, it could very likely be our top-selling book of the year."

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