Remember the days of video games? No I don’t mean Wii or PlayStation. I am talking about the good old days of the Gameboy or even the Walkman for that matter. If you think about it, this was the start of portable entertainment and the beginning of this blossoming world of mobile and tablet technology.  Since the technology epidemic has launched and Apple and Android have become some of the forth runners, the video game industry has been plunging.  Sony is trying to save some of the video game luster with the PlayStation Vita, the newest handheld game player.  The handheld device controls the game on the television but continues the game if you are on the go. How nifty is that!? This should target towards the younger gamers but the struggle will be the older gamers who will have a hard time putting down the phone that also gives them their entertainment. How do you all feel about the PlayStation Vita? Does it sound like something you would like to buy?

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