Wearable technology is set to dominate the mobile market in coming years. Google Glass has made waves among the tech press and should be available to consumers in 2014. Meanwhile, though nothing apart from rumors has yet emerged, predictions for an Apple iWatch abound.  Based on a report from ABI Research, the wearable wireless devices market, led by sports, fitness, and wellness segments, is expected to attain $6 billion revenue by 2018.

Smartwatches that sync with Android and iOS phones, however, are already plentiful. Large and small companies alike offer wristwatches that run apps and extend the capabilities of smartphones.

Pebble Smartwatch accommodates custom developed appsHere is a list of some of the top players in the smartwatch category.

  • Pebble Smartwatch: One of the earliest contenders in the smartwatch category, Pebble offers features like tracking your daily routines, enabling voice navigation without accessing your mobile phone, and more. The watch is designed to accommodate custom developed apps and work as a remote control for a smartphone. The battery lasts five to seven days. You can buy Pebble for $150.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch comes with 70 built-in appsSamsung Galaxy Gear: Another strong contender in the smartwatch category comes from the tech giant Samsung. The Smart Relay feature of the Galaxy Gear automatically displays the accompanying message on your phone when the notification appears on the Gear. Memographer takes quick snapshots using the camera on the wristband. S Voice enables hands-free calls, messages, scheduling, weather checking, and other functions. There’s also a pedometer for built-in fitness tracking. The device initially supported the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, with software updates for the Galaxy S4, S3, and Note 2 rolling out now. It currently supports about 70 built-in apps. The device is priced at $299.
  • Sony Smartwatch-2 pairs with NFC phonesSony SmartWatch 2 - The best description of the Sony SmartWatch 2 might be a compact Android experience. It simply expands and enhances an Android smartphone experience by connecting over Bluetooth. It pairs with NFC phones with a single touch and vibrates when a notification is received from email, Facebook, Twitter, text messages and more. It can also act as a media remote. The watch is compatible with most smartphones running Android 4.0 or later and is priced at $199. Sony’s original SmartWatch is still available for $130.
  • Metawatch Strata and Frame is a water resistant smartwatchMetaWatch Strata and Frame – With two models, MetaWatch goes for ruggedness. The water resistant devices support Dual-Mode Bluetooth connections to iPhone and Android smartphones and let the user check messages, identify callers, control music, and monitor weather forecasts, stock prices, and a calendar. The battery lasts five to seven days. Social media, alarm, and cycling and running functions are planned. They start at $179.
  • i'm Watch comes with i'm cloud servicei’m Watch – This company appeals to the “dynamic, enterprising person who likes to be surrounded by exquisite things.” The watch is made in Italy and offers incoming call alerts, email and social networking notifications, fitness tracking, and control from the Internet through a service called i’mcloud. It starts at $299.

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