Since our last blog post, “Understanding the Samsung Smart Hub TV App Market”, Samsung has noted there is an average annual sale growth rate of 90%. The TV allows consumers to stream music and video, participate in video chats, and access the web from the comfort of their couches. With this new industry there opens new doors for marketers to reach consumers in unique ways.

Time TV App - Smart TV Applications

One of the most effective ways to reach and engage a target audience is to develop applications that act as interactive advertisements. It was discovered in a study by Parks Associates that 80% of Smart TV owners regularly use apps. By providing a platform that displays your products and services, engages a consumer, and provides the consumer an option to purchase, Smart TV reduces the steps and different avenues a consumer has to make to reach the point of purchase.

With thousands of mobile applications available on numerous Smart TV platforms, you need to make your advertisement a step ahead of the crowd. Below are a few examples of successful branded apps currently available on the Samsung Smart TV.

First, consider an app developed by Time Magazine. They wanted an extension of their magazine on the small screen and released Time TV. This application allows consumers to view articles and advertisements as they would in the print magazine, but can access all this information while watching television. This extension allows Time to promote their brand, and advertisers branding in a new medium.

Red Bull TV - Smart TV App Development ServicesAnother example of a branded Smart TV app is Red Bull TV. This app is promoted and advertised by Red Bull drinks, but provides sports and culture coverage. The application focuses on reaching the sports crowd and once they are interacting with the app, pushes branding and advertising regarding Red Bull energy drinks. This application delivers its target audience the content they desire, while providing them avenues to purchase and view the latest products Red Bull has to offer.

Our final example is the app developed by Marks & Spencer. The app was developed to allow viewers to browse through tips on lifestyle, food, fashion, and technology. The app connects consumers to products and allows them to purchase the latest trends with the click of their remote control. Marks & Spencer along with Samsung have noted that with the emergence of interactive media, grabbing a viewer’s attention through innovative means has become essential.

Apps and Smart TVs are sure to become more integrated as the platform matures. As the demand grows for this platform, marketing and advertising has to be compelling, creative, and engaging if it hopes to get the most out of its audience. If you are you considering developing Smart TV apps for your business, call (603) 881-9200 or email us to speak with our experts about your idea!

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