Here at Zco Corporation, we spend a lot of time talking about mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, but the mobile device platform isn’t the only one that’s seen an explosion of apps in recent years. There’s also the flat screen television that lives in an increasing number of homes.

A recent report from Parks Associates points to the increasing popularity of smart TVs, also known as connected TVs. This year, smart TVs are expected to be in nearly 25 percent of all US households, and almost 80 percent of those owners are regular app users.Smart tv app development

"Seventy-nine percent of smart TV owners are regular app users, but the use cases for TV apps are different than smartphones and tablets," said Heather Way, Senior Research Analyst at Parks Associates. "TV viewing is a lean-back, shared experience, with apps as access points to complementary content, whereas smartphone app use is more personalized."

For now, the majority of apps used on televisions stream video – Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, that sort of thing. That makes sense, given the television’s central location in living rooms, viewable by the whole family. It’s also not a platform on which you want to perform a lot of typing. It’s TV. You want to relax.

Another common category for smart TV app development is games. Your basic television remote control lends itself well to casual games, the kind adored by millions of Facebook users. Some models now support motion detection, so the remote can act as a wand that controls the on-screen cursor with just a wave of the hand.

The TV app development world is still somewhat fragmented, as each brand of television has its own app store. For that reason, working with a smart TV developer can be the most effective way to ensure that an app can be made for Sharp, Sony, LG, Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio, and other brands of television, not to mention set-top boxes and game consoles like Roku, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

If you’re working on a smart TV app, Zco Corporation can help develop, polish, and distribute it far and wide. Email us to speak with an expert!

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