The new ePass app is now available in the iTunes and Google Play Stores.Secure ePass Ticket App

The ePass app, owned by eCredentials, displays a ticket or identification on your smartphone screen with a barcode that identifies your specific pass. If you’re planning to see a concert, for example, you could forego a paper ticket and instead have your ticket delivered straight to the ePass app on your mobile device. If your company creates plastic ID badges for visitors, you can instead ask them to download the ID with a barcode on the app. An employee with a scanner can read the barcode and verify the pass before letting a person into an event or venue.

The app was introduced online with a video of the NFL’s Pat Summerall. He explains how the app reduces the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals by eliminating the need for plastic and paper tickets, credentials, and passes.

Secure ePass App Interface for Tickets
ePass is built with barcode technology, offering companies security by avoiding identity theft and reducing fraud, according to Summerall. There’s a security code push that changes every minute to circumvent counterfeit devices that could attempt to fool the system. While eCredentials also offers a dedicated ePass unit, the app allows a user’s mobile device to double as the unit, eliminating the need to carry an extra device.

The free app is currently compatible with most smartphones, iPads and iPod touches, according to the eCredentials website. Once a user downloads the app and registers their profile, it can be reprogrammed repeatedly for different events. Event organizers can communicate with users via the app and change advertisers, dates, locations and permissions. If an emergency occurs it can text users alerts and instructions.

The app is also cost-efficient, according to the video. Companies no longer have to pay for the paper or plastic to print tickets, media credentials, or other forms of identification. Each customer or employee merely downloads the application, purchases the ticket and receives it on the device. eCredentials technology is built to communicate with admin back-end systems via GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, RFID and Infra Red.

If a company has an app that would benefit from barcode technology, eCredentials allows licensure of the ePass app. It can be integrated with other systems to offer the same security and reduction of waste. According to Summerall’s video, it will reduce the transaction cost for companies that license the technology as well.


Solar Mobile Phone Charger
eCredentials also offers a strap case assembly for users interested in wearing a smartphone like media credentials or a pass. It clips the phone into either portrait or landscape mode and has a battery backup in the case that can be solar charged.

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