A new tablet is anticipated to outshine the iPad2? Can it be true? Hmm, well – yes and no. Due for release June 17, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 may rival Apple, in a few aspects.

Compare Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad2

For starters, the Galaxy Tab is lighter and thinner: a whopping 1.25 pounds versus 1.33 pounds. This may or may not hold weight with prospective buyers. It’s also stated to be two-tenths thinner. Lastly, it has been noted by reviewers that photos taken with the Galaxy Tab are of a higher caliber as the screen is a little longer than the iPad, and the Galaxy Tab also has a widescreen option.

In fairness, the iPad offers a slew more applications and twice the amount of battery life! Below is a closer analysis of the two from the Wall Street Journal:

Coming in at the same price points, and with the features mentioned, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 going to give the Apple iPad 2 a run for it’s money?

Where will you hedge your bet?

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