Samsung has distributed a press release confirming that their Galaxy S smartphone series has surpassed 100 million sales. The series includes the Galaxy S III and its two predecessors Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, each playing a crucial part in reaching the milestone.

Samsung Galaxy S Series Mobile The original Samsung Galaxy S was released in June 2010, and reached 10 million sales within its first seven months. Today, over 24 million units have been sold worldwide. A year later, Samsung’s Galaxy S II rode the wave of success started by the former and hauled in around 40 million sales. In May 2012, the Galaxy S III was released.

In an attempt to compete against Apple’s iPhone, the Galaxy S III ran under the tagline “The Next Best Thing is Already Here.” The advertisements created significant buzz and helped the smartphone achieve 20 million sales in the first 100 days. According to the release, Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone has now “passed the mark of 40 million” sales.

Samsung is capitalizing on the success of the series by launching an improved Galaxy S II. Samsung announced the Galaxy S II Plus late last week, but gave vague details about its improved processor, smaller size, and Android Jelly Bean. There are also rumors of a Galaxy S IV being released this spring.

The news of Samsung’s milestone comes on the heels of a report that Apple has cut orders for iPhone 5 parts. Samsung’s rival asked LG Display, Japan Display, and Sharp Corp to roughly halve the initial plan for 65 million screens in Q1. The hit is reportedly in part to Apple losing ground to Asian smartphone providers ZTE, Samsung, and Huawei. Apple’s $520 shares fell more than 4 percent last week to $495.

Analysts at Strategy Analytics told Reuters that they expect Samsung to increase its lead over Apple in 2013. They predict Samsung will sell nearly 300 million smartphones, while Apple is forecasted to sell less than 200 million iPhones.

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