Just down the road from Zco Corporation in Nashua, New Hampshire, the Lil’ Iguana Children’s Safety Foundation has been operating for 20 years. Now the two have joined forces with SafetySnapp, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

SafetySnapp, the safety app locates your loved ones.

The mobile app includes GPS tracking, automated emergency contacts, and photo scrapbooking. It’s designed for ease of use by parents or anyone caring for people with memory loss or disabilities.

A Photo a Day

Daily alarms remind users to take pictures of their kids or other loved ones in case an accurate description becomes necessary. The photos can be assembled into virtual scrapbooks and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

SafetySnapp, safety app feature

Quick Notifications

A single tap instantly notifies a pre-configured list of trusted contacts in an emergency. The most recent photo of the loved one in question is automatically included. Even police and hospitals can be part of the emergency contact list.

The alerts also include the loved one’s full name, nickname, eye color, hair color, skin color, height, and date of birth, as well as any allergies, medications, behavioral conditions, and recent changes in appearance, mood, or behavior.

Location, Location, Location

SafetySnapp’s signature feature is called Follow My Loved One. A mini version of the app, called SafetySnapp Finder, is loaded on the phone of everyone the user wants to keep track of. Each person’s location is shown on a map, so caretakers always know where their loved ones are.

The apps themselves are free. There is an annual subscription fee of $11.99, which covers unlimited GPS tracking, loved ones, emergency contacts, online scrapbooking, and sharing of up to 500 photos.

About Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation

lil' iguana's Children's Safety Foundation

SafetySnapp is the latest development from the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation to keep children and our loved ones safe. For 20 years, the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation has developed and implemented educational programs and products that keep loved ones safe. This innovative non-profit utilizes prevention programs that have saved children from abduction, sexual abuse, child predators, and serious accidental injuries.

The Foundation has been featured in national publications/national programming, enthusiastically endorsed by safety-officer leagues, acclaimed universities and higher-education institutions, head start programs, and hundreds of schools, child care facilities, police departments, and parenting groups.

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