Refusing to be limited to channels like television and print, U.S. advertisers are going mobile – and they’re doing it in a big way.

The number of mobile display advertisers in the U.S. has more than doubled in the past two years, according to a report released by comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world.

As of April 2011, there are 689 advertisers using mobile display advertising campaigns. This number is up a whopping 128 percent from two years ago.

“Although mobile advertising is still in its relative infancy, it is quickly gaining importance as new advertisers come into the fold,” says comScore Vice President Hans Fredericks.

As far as the advertising categories, the report found that mobile content and publishing accounted for 50 percent of mobile ads and consumer discretionary goods took 26 percent of display advertisements.


Smartphones and their increased usage are proving to be a great influence on the boost in mobile advertising. The report found some differences between smartphone users and feature phone users that can only be great news for advertisers looking to use mobile channels:

- 82.3 percent of smartphone users accessed their mobile browser vs. 19.1 percent of feature phone users

- 85 percent of smartphone users accessed apps vs. 15.9 percent of feature phone users

- 27.5 percent of smartphone users are more likely to see web or in-app ads vs. 5 percent of feature phone users

Fredericks adds, “The acceleration of mobile media consumption, driven by adoption of smartphones, 3G/4G networks and unlimited data plans, provides a ripe environment for advertisers looking to reach consumers through a variety of platforms including mobile browsers, apps and SMS. As consumer usage and technology continue to advance, look for advertising to play an increasingly important role in the development of the mobile ecosystem.”

A mobile marketing statistics

Advertisers are changing the way they do business by paying more attention to mobile channels. Thinking outside of the box by thinking inside mobile devices … not a bad idea!

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