So you have a great idea for an app? There’s more to consider in mobile app development services than how many angry birds it takes to conquer a pig pile. To get a head start, ask yourself a few preliminary questions:

1. What platforms are you looking to deploy the application on? Developing for more operating systems can be more costly, but can vastly increase your market
penetration. Individuals or organizations with multiple devices may prefer a single app that can work across iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone operating systems.

2. What is the business model of this app? Is your app intended to generate revenue directly, or just increase brand awareness? A free app that drives business to brick and mortar or browser-based sales is one way to go. Games are often pay-to-download or supported by ads. In-app purchasing puts users just a click or two away from creating revenue for you. Like any expenditure, you want to examine the return on investment.

3. What will the user experience be like? Will they use buttons, menus, or gestures to get around? Will your branding be everywhere or more subtle? Is it purely business, totally fun, or somewhere in between?

4. Does the app require specific hardware access? Anything involving the camera, accelerometer, GPS, or e-commerce functionality is important to note. It can add to the development cost but also the potential appeal of the app.

5. Does your app regularly have new content? Dynamic content keeps users coming back, but may require periodic updates or a constant connection to a back-end server.

6. Do you require any 2D or 3D animation? Games almost always require movement of some kind, but many apps can benefit from animated menus and videos. 3D animation can introduce another level of interactivity, and seemingly bring your product to life for its users.

7. Will you be supplying any of the graphics? Your logo or icon is just the beginning. With handheld screens, the perfect placement of every pixel is essential. You can design the interface and have us write the code behind it or let us handle the looks as well as the functionality.

8. Will the app have social media integration?  The ability to post updates from the app to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social networks not only adds another feature to attract users, it can help spread the word about your app and your business.

9. What is your budget? Apps can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $1 million to develop. Animation, GPS location services, database connections, and other features can be costly to implement. The right balance will fit within your budget and implement your top functionality priorities.

10. How soon are you looking to have this in the app stores? The more complex the app, the longer it can take to get just right. Try to consider if the deadline is realistic with the goals you have in mind for the application and give yourself time to make any unforeseen adjustments.

With the right planning, an app for mobile devices can be a great way to create brand awareness, mobilize business processes or generate new revenue. Request a call today to speak with one of our mobile experts, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

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