Tablets for college studentsA recent survey from Pearson Foundation shows that students who favor digital textbooks are tablet owners. Moreover, students who have tablets find the technology to be a valuable tool for educational purposes.

The survey consisted of 1,214 college students and 200 college-bound high school seniors. Although current ownership of tablets is low (seven percent of college students), 86 percent of users felt the tablet helped them with their studies, and 76% of users felt they performed better in class. The survey concluded that 60 percent of college students plan to purchase a tablet in the near future.

So what can be extrapolated from Pearson Foundation’s statistics?  Will higher learning institutions conform to the evolving technology and its modern method of learning?  Maybe a transformation won’t happen overnight but what can be certain is that the landscape for how students engage in coursework is shifting — and students undeniably have an affinity for the tablet.

UPDATE: Pearson’s Second Annual Survey on Students and Tablets has confirmed some of the predictions of the first. Released March 12, 2012, the new survey found that 25 percent of college students now own tablets, as well as 17 percent of high school seniors.

63 percent of college students and 69 percent of high school seniors think that tablets will largely replace textbooks in the next five years. Among college students, 57 percent prefer digital books when reading for fun and 58 percent prefer digital over print textbooks.

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