Would you buy a tablet called the Eee Pad Transformer Prime by Asus? It is a pretty epic name for an Android tablet, but the name certainly wasn’t popular with Hasbro. The toymaker is taking Asus to court due to trademark violation - five infringements, to be exact.

“Hasbro continues to aggressively protect its brands and products,” Hasbro wrote in an emailed statement. (Hasbro makes the Transformers line of robot toys; the leader of the good guys, the Autobots, is named Optimus Prime. It is conceivable, though not likely, that no one at Asus realized this.)

The Transformer Prime tablet has the first-ever quad-core processor for mobile devices. It is also supposed to deliver lightning fast apps, vivid video, and really long battery life: up to 18 hours to be exact.Eee Pad Transformer Prime - New Android tablet


UPDATE: On March 27, a judge threw out the lawsuit, saying that the tablet does indeed transform when it connects to its keyboard dock, and no one would confuse an Android tablet for toy car that turns into a, well, humanoid robot.

Good thing Asus makes its own custom keyboard dock for this thing, though, or else someone might try to pair it up with an Optimus keyboard. Talk about confusing.

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