Hello. My name is Bob McPartlan, I'm the owner of the Nashua Table Tennis Club. We are the only full time table tennis club in New Hampshire. We welcome players of all abilities and also provide expert instruction for players of all levels.  I’ve had the pleasure to work with Zco on a couple of successful projects.

Nearly four years ago, Zco designed and built a website for our club. Throughout the process they took the time to answer all of my questions.  I was always able to suggest changes and Zco staff always kept me informed about their progress. Since the successful completion of the website, Zco has also provided me with expert and timely technical support.

Just recently, Zco has also created a promotional video to help showcase our facility and services at the Nashua Table Tennis Club. They were extremely flexible in scheduling a date and time to film the facility. Just prior to filming, Zco’s creative media director, Matt Henry, visited the club to view our facility and discuss the areas that we would focus on. His keen ability to take what we initially discussed together and then accurately present it on the video was outstanding. He also expertly synchronized the audio and video segments to form an informative and well-balanced presentation. The end product really captured the message that I wanted to convey to my customers.

Zco continues to provide me with both excellent service and outstanding support. Their attention to detail is second to none. Zco's expert staff and state of art facility has greatly contributed to the success of my club. I would definitely recommend Zco to anyone.

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