Notable Devices from CES 2019

It’s the time of year again where tech manufacturers, gadget aficionados, and the media converge on Las Vegas to explore the bleeding edge of consumer electronics. From flexible phones and tablets to gigantic televisions, let’s look at some of the noteworthy tech that debuted this month at CES 2019.

Ultra-Ultra-Wide Monitors

At what point do monitors require external supports in order to support their massive display? We may soon find out. Lenovo showed off an insane 43-inch ultra-wide display to the delight of flight simulator enthusiasts and gamers the world over. They weren’t alone. Other companies, including HP, Razer, and Alienware also bringing their best displays, curved and non-curved alike. The old fogey I am, I’m still rocking a dual-monitor setup, but those days might be numbered.

Digital Assistants

The wave of dedicated devices offering digital assistants shows no signs of slowing any time soon. You’re probably familiar Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, but a new challenger is entering the ring: Nevo Butler. A product of the ambiguously named Universal Electronics, Inc., the Nevo Butler promises swift and easy access to the internet of things inside your own home. This can range from washers and dryers to heavy-duty systems, like HVAC systems and home security. Consumers still seem warm on digital assistants, and the Nevo Butler is going to have to fight tooth-and-nail to get a share of the market.


Flexible Phones

Remember bendgate? No? It was an episode during which iPhone 6 models were reportedly bending under the stress of, you know, being in a pants pocket. It was a relatively short-lived PR debacle for Apple, who prides themselves on superior build quality and materials. Well, worry no more about bending your phone. Salvation lies in the Royole Flexpai, reportedly the first flexible smartphone in the world. Reports indicate the device isn’t ready to be rolled (folded?) out to the masses any time soon, but it’s an interesting new take on smartphone packaging that has promise for the future.