For the past couple months, Zco has been traveling around New Hampshire speaking to local business owners about the benefits of using iPads to increase productivity and sales. On September 17, it was a seminar organized by Small Dog Electronics, an Apple reseller headquartered in Vermont. Just last week, we were invited to the Apple Store in our own hometown of Nashua for a similar education event.iPad in business

In both cases, a representative of Apple provided insights straight from the company itself. For instance, IT managers worried about the security of iPads need to address user habits first: about 50 percent of smartphone users don’t take advantage of the built-in passcode feature on the device lock screen, allowing anyone with physical access to use it.

Leveraging iOS Security

The good news is that iPads used for work can be managed centrally to enforce a passcode requirement, as well as other security measures like encryption and network access. In fact, even personal iPads can be managed under a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model.

Despite the iPad’s (and iPhone’s) origins as a consumer device, there’s a whole infrastructure in place dedicated to making it work in a corporate environment, in concert with Windows servers. Apple even provides an iPad in Business mini-site specifically for MDM (Mobile Device Management), BYOD, user app management, and other IT concerns.

Small Business Benefits in iOS 7


There’s also the fact that new iOS 7 devices activated after September 1, 2013, can download productivity apps Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iPhoto, and iMovie, previously $40 total, for free. With worry about creating and editing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, and videos gone, the iPad becomes a convenient and cost-effective business device.

iPad for business use

Custom Apps for Custom Businesses

We teamed up with Apple because our custom development expertise perfectly complements the iPad’s solid hardware and operating system foundation. Creating custom apps for corporate clients is our specialty.

Apps for businesses can take a couple different forms: customer-facing apps with a focus on marketing and internal apps that employees use to help do their jobs.

Branded Apps and Games

Customer-facing apps, often known as branded apps and games, enhance the relationship between companies and their customers. They might feature a complete e-commerce experience, extra functionality to use in brick and mortar stores, or even be a fun diversion with the company’s branding. Many offer rewards for using the app that can be redeemed in-store or online, a concept known as gamification.

Internal, Workflow, and Enterprise Apps

Internally, businesses can benefit from enterprise apps. Many businesses already use customized software to track workflow and organize sales campaigns; taking those functions mobile frees up the workforce to go where it’s needed.

Commercially available apps certainly have their place in the enterprise, but for sensitive and unique business functions, custom apps can be aligned perfectly with business objectives. Gamification in the form of sales contests or rewards for completing tasks can be built right into the app.

With consumers and employees alike taking mobile devices everywhere, it’s up to businesses to help everyone use them effectively in their daily interactions. Custom mobile apps can be developed to do exactly what each particular business wants.

To learn more about using the iPad in your business, give Zco a call at 603.881.9200 or email us!

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