More isn’t always better. Think of airline baggage, traffic tickets, or mosquito bites.  Chances are, no one is going to ask for extras there. But too much of a good thing can also go bad. When you’re dreaming of a mobile app, it’s normal to want to add more to it. More graphics. More functionality. More buttons for more options.

It might not be your best bet, though.Girls using Bumb Mobile App which  focused on contact information and photos

The creators of Bump, an app that lets you share data between phones, started off hot. Many users downloaded the app to share contact information and photos. When later versions were released, the capabilities of the app were extended to include transfer of things like music, app recommendations, and other features.

Users didn’t react well. While 2 million photos were shared daily, only 10,000 calendar events and 100,000 song recommendations were Bumped. Even worse, repeat use of the features was very low. Bump CEO Dave Lieb explained that it was clear app space shouldn’t be wasted on unpopular, unused features.

Co-founder Jake Mintz elaborated, saying some features can distract from the main purpose of the app, creating a failed experience for new users.

Designers released “Bump 3.0” and removed a lot of the major features from the app. Once again, “Bump” was focused on contact information and photos. New users will be able to experience the main function of the app without distraction by less popular features.

Think of your favorite apps. How complicated are they? Chances are, not very. Most of the top apps in the world do a few Bump Mobile App Icon helps to share data between phonesthings and do them very well. Take “Pandora”, the popular music app. It doesn’t offer much functionality beyond playing music based on your preferences, but it’s an incredibly popular app. It plays music, lets you add your feedback to generate new music lists, and syncs to the computer.

Photo sharing may not be necessary in a product search app. Users don’t need to check in every time a game is played. If there’s a good reason for the functionality, add it. If not, save it for your next app idea.

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