Card-matching game featuring 3D animated characters now available for iPhone & iPad

monster play, a memory game app for both adults and kids

A new iPhone and iPad app blends classic memory card play with some amazing and funny 3D monsters. The game is available now for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.
Each monster comes with a vivid personality, put on full display in short video clips whenever a match is made. The user meets some monsters with wings, some with multiple eyes, and others with cravings for gold or ice cream.
The world of Monster Play consists of more than 30 monsters in total. Several videos of individual monsters start to paint a picture about the life on a strange, alien planet. Some scenes appear to be happening on Earth (albeit an earth inhabited by monsters) but clues soon emerge to make you question this assumption. The surprise element in the game is that the display of monsters and videos differ every time the game is played.
The memory game itself is familiar and simple: flip over two cards to see if they match. You can earn points as you complete each level. The leaderboard tracks your progress. A timer records the specific time taken by you to play the game.
To make the game more interesting, one can try the Challenge Mode, in which every match re-shuffles the entire deck of cards. In this mode, the players have two minutes to make as many matches as possible.
Real-time animation software iClone was used by app creator Catherine Fluehmann to make each monster and environment.

About the Creator 

Catherine Fluehmann developed Monster Play for both kids and adults to challenge their minds as well as entertain them. The game was inspired from her interest in technology and her passion to teach kids through interactive games.

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