Everyone has to eat – but where? In the cutthroat restaurant business, companies are creating mobile apps to attract customers that let them browse a menu, place an order, and pay for it all with a few taps.

When it comes to larger, well-known companies, they typically have a strong understanding of to whom they are marketing and what their audience wants. Knowing this allows them to tailor the app they create accordingly. Fast food chains such as Taco Bell and McDonald’s are getting into the game while veteran delivery joints such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut have created apps for customizing your perfect pizza with no room for mistakes.

Taco Bell is currently testing an app that allows My macca's mobile application in Australiacustomers to order and pay for food with their smartphone. Leaving the GPS locator on allows the Taco Bell app to know a customer’s location; when the user gets within a certain radius of the restaurant, workers are alerted to begin preparing the order to ensure that it is hot, ready, and waiting when the customer gets there.

In several countries, McDonald’s already lets customers pay for food on smartphones. The my macca’s app in Australia includes the full menu of local restaurants and allows customers to set up favorites, order on the go and check in once they arrive. In Singapore, McDelivery has recently been updated to accept credit cards and has food brought directly to your door. Even in locations without these advanced services yet, McDonald’s apps do provide consumers with offers such as buy one get one free deals and discount coupons and contain nutritional information for menu items.

The Domino’s and Pizza Hut appsThe Domino’s and Pizza Hut apps give customers complete control of pizza creation. The apps provide the full menu, special offers/rewards, options to choose specific toppings and sides, and (at Domino’s) the ability to track your order to see when it will be arriving and what process it is in each step of the way.

Apps for restaurants can provide more functionality over time. Simply providing mobile access to locations and offers can be a good start, while ordering and payment can come later. In addition to providing a competitive advantage, apps help businesses learn more about their customers’ habits.

Every company will have its own set of goals that it would like to see reached from creating an app. No matter the direction, Zco Corporation can help you develop, design, and create a customized app to meet all your business needs. To learn more about our mobile app development services, call (603) 881-9200, or use the button below.

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