In this economy, having an outstanding resume is key to landing an interview. This is true for the upcoming grads of 2012 and those experienced at job hunting. But creating that perfect document can be a full-time job itself, and a terribly stressful one at that. What type of formatting is best? Does your education go at the top of the page or at the bottom? What is important enough to include? It’s enough to overwhelm anyone.

Resume App Development

Breathe easy! Every day mobile app developers are hard at work creating mobile applications to streamline business processes, and the resume writing process is no exception. Let’s take a look at four that can turn your resume from dreary to desirable.

1. Resume App by Vurgood Applications allows you to create a PDF resume simply and quickly on your iPhone. The app comes with examples, so you aren’t left completely on your own. You can include up to four photographs as well as borders to make your resume look polished and professional.

2. Pocket Resume, specifically for Apple devices, allows you to create an impressive, professional resume while having all of the layout work done for you. Pocket Resume even allows you to create a resume based on your LinkedIn profile! You can also export your resume to your computer if you so choose. Pocket Resume is also available in French and German.

3. ResumeBear not only helps you with resume formatting and writing, it also allows you to track who is reading your resume…and when. No more evenings spent biting your nails over if you should follow up or not. Resume Bear also gives you access to personalized statistical information, so that you can discover which versions of your resume, cover letter, or combo have been most successful. ResumeBear is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

4. LinkedIn Mobile works basically the same way as LinkedIn. Your online profile also works as your resume. Make direct business connections and network as well as find out about job opportunities in your field. It’s LinkedIn on the go! LinkedIn Mobile is compatible with Blackberry, iPad, and iPhone.

Writing your resume doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. LinkedIn Mobile and ResumeBear are free and both Resume App and Pocket Resume are $2.99 each. We at Zco wish you the best of luck in your job search!

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