Mobile applications are continuously simplifying the means in which we go about our everyday lives.  If there is a concern that arises on any given day and you wish there was an easier way, well there may be an app for it.

With applications that allow you to safely manage your banking accounts, and pay your bills, why not create an application that allows you to make purchases with your mobile device?

You just need that coffee, but don’t have your wallet or purse? Just bust out your handy-dandy phone and pay away! No cash, no credit cards, just use a mobile app, click, pay and sip. Simple right?

Well a recent study by Pew Research Center found that a majority of their participants strongly believed that mobile paying could very well replace the significance of cash or credit cards. Some experts believe that such a transition could be considered a normal consumer practice by 2020.  And such practices are already being experimented with by PayPal and Cumberland Farms with their application SmartPay.

Cumberland Farms Smart pay App  to pay for gas at the pumpSmartPay- PayPal of Boston and Cumberland Farms came together to develop this app for the iPhone and Android mobile devices that allows you to pay for your gas at the pump, using your PayPal account. The application allows iPhone and Android users to save 5 cents per gallon.

Imagine that! Now you can save at the pump, and be trendy. Although not every Cumberland Farms is participating, you will have to locate the nearest participating station.

A couple other examples of mobile payment applications:

Starbucks Coffee smart pay app for iPhoneStarbucks- Originally just a mobile app for the Starbucks Card on your mobile device, now an application that allows you to charge your card, pay using your iPhone, and allows you to find the nearest Starbucks to your location and the amenities offered at that location.


Tabbedout mobile payment appTabbedout- Downloadable for Android and iPhone users, this mobile app allows you to check in and checkout with a click. Tabbed out is looking to lead the charge by bringing the application to more than 50 locations in the Houston area. Built by security experts, Tabbedout allows patrons to pay their bill safely and securely using their phone.

So who will create the next app to help push the mobile payment trend? Will it be banks, or individual retailers, maybe both working together? One thing is for sure; there is a definitive interest in this trend.

Although the Pew Research Center study showed there likely would be a slow transition due to the fear of privacy for this new technology, the majority believes that the convenience of mobile payments will be fully adopted by 2020.

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