Workers use whatever tools are at their disposal to get the job done. Increasingly, that means utilizing commercially available mobile app development services that might not meet security requirements for your business.

The solution? Custom enterprise apps, designed and developed with your specific needs in mind. Call 603-881-9200 or email us to get started. In the meantime, share this infographic with anyone responsible for confidential data!

Enterprise Mobile Applications Infographic

According to Webalo, a staggering 98 percent of employees say that mobile access to enterprise data would improve productivity. And if the company isn't providing that access, workers often find ways around company security and privacy policies.
Security risks from mobile users come in many forms:

  • Keeping a list of passwords in a text file

  • Copying confidential documents to personal cloud storage

  • Communicating over public social networks

It's not that employees want to leak information. They just want to work more efficiently, and mobile tools offer convenience and quickness.
But at a March 2013 conference, IBM reported that only 25 percent of CIOs had mobile app deployment plans in place. That's despite the fact that, as Tech Republic said, more than half of CIOs "perceived a broad demand facross their organizations for mobile applications." That kind of complacency invites unauthorized mobile applications to fill the gaps. Without sanctioned alternatives, workers simply circumvent rules against mobile app use.
Just a few months later, a survey from Checkpoint Software revealed that almost two-thirds of businesses do not manage corporate information on personal devices – even though more than three-quarters had a mobile security incident in the previous year.
Even aside from security concerns, there's a very real business case to be made for enterprise apps. Strategy Analytics predicted that revenue associated with mobile business apps would double from $25 billion in 2012 to $50 bullion in 2017.
With so much at stake, can you afford not to create custom apps for your employees?

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