Mobile application developmentMobile application development is a step-by-step approach that follows specific guidelines to complete a project within the stipulated time frame, budget, and scope. The project planning involves gathering client requirements, and confirming the functionalities and features to be incorporated in the app. Often, deployment and mobile app development services are also discussed with the client, because the very design and operation of the app has a profound effect on its popularity and effectiveness.

Needless to say, many challenges can pop up during development. Some are universal and some are unique to particular projects, but they all require swift action to conquer.

CHALLENGE: Fragmentation. Making an app “for iPhone” or “for Android” is not as simple as it sounds. Older iPhones don’t support all the features of newer ones, and the variety of Android devices is huge. Perfectly workable code for the latest Samsung phone might do nothing on an early HTC model; worst case, it could cause the app to crash.

Hybrid application developmentSOLUTION: Hybrid development and testing. For creating an app that runs on multiple platforms, developers use hybrid development tools. A single codebase is translated for operation on more than one operating system. These tools also check for compatibility with different versions of the same operating system. Sometimes, a small change can allow an app to work on a three-year-old operating system. Occasionally, however, support for obsolete hardware and software is abandoned in favor of creating the best possible experience for up-to-date users.

CHALLENGE: Feature creep. Many app creators want to include a boatload of features. Some ideas don’t even come up until development has already begun. That can lead to a cluttered interface, high development costs, missed deadlines, and stumped users.

SOLUTION: Incremental releases. The most successful apps start out doing one or two things very well. A simple concept can spread to many users. After that, the app can be improved and enhanced, but the first version should get out the door promptly.

CHALLENGE: Disconnect. When engaging a developer, do you feel that you’re really heard? Is time taken to understand the intricacies of your requirements? Are there dedicated professionals listening to your needs?

SOLUTION: Constant communication. Developers shouldn’t be scurrying off with project specs and only returning three months later with their idea of a finished product. Each screen of a user interface is presented to the customer for approval. A detailed list of requirements is kept and updated by all parties. Milestones are scheduled and reported on.

No development project is free of challenges; what matters is having an experienced team that knows how to overcome them. To speak with a Zco mobile app development expert, call (603) 881-9200, or use the button below.

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