The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the largest trusted go-to resource for marketers to stay relevant with training, tools, and knowledge for lifelong learning. Zco is a proud sponsor of AMA Boston, our local affiliate and the fourth largest chapter in the United States.

AMA Boston CMO Roundtable
AMA Boston's June CMO Roundtable. Left to right: Kathy Klinger of Santander Bank, Lisa Unsworth of Arnold Worldwide, and moderator David Rich of George P. Johnson Experience Marketing. (Click to enlarge.) David Fox Photographer

AMA Boston enables marketers to connect with innovative and successful brands, engage in discussions with experts working in the industry, and participate in educational programs. The AMA provides more ways for marketers to connect and share resources, creating a powerful learning community in New England. At every event we’ve attended, we’ve gained valuable insight into the regional and national marketing landscape.

American Marketing Association BostonZco’s expertise in emerging technologies provides us the opportunity to contribute to that learning community. Technology is evolving quickly, and that pace is only accelerating. With new social platforms, devices, and marketing strategies appearing each year, keeping up can be overwhelming. Our participation with AMA Boston is geared toward educating the community about these emerging technologies, and providing resources for keeping ahead of the game.

Kathryn Bisson of Zco and Jim Speros of FidelityAMA Boston President Alice Stein PresentationCecil Dorman of AVFX, Alice Stein and Randy Peterson of Zco
Left to right: Kathryn Bisson of Zco and Jim Speros of Fidelity Investments; AMA Boston President Alice Stein; Cecil Dorman of AVFX, Alice Stein, and Randy Peterson of Zco. (Click to enlarge.) David Fox Photographer

One of the most prevalent trends in marketing is the shift towards mobile. Whether through apps or mobile optimized websites, more and more businesses are shifting their strategies to smartphones and tablets – and with good reason. Four out of five customers are using smartphones to shop, and it is predicted that mobile will overtake desktop Internet usage by the end of 2014.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing encourages future prospects and customers to connect and interact with your product or brand while focusing on creating a memorable experience. Based on these memorable encounters customers become more invested in your brand and emotionally connected. Prospects and customers will then talk passionately about your product or service creating word-of-mouth both in real life and on social media platforms, which also amplifies your credibility.

Experiential marketing tries to submerge the consumers into the product by pleasing as many human senses as possible. Integrating a mobile app into your current marketing strategy allows current consumers to interact with the brand through the app and invites new customers to experience the brand hands on.

COOLMAX Socks Branded AppSome ways experiential marketing can be used in creating a mobile app:

  • Build relationships
  • Increase awareness and customer loyalty
  • Encourage interaction and product trial
  • Stimulate positive word of mouth
  • Change the mind of dissatisfied customers
  • Create product desire
  • Verify the target audience
  • Increase ROI

Research has found that more than nine in 10 of the world’s biggest brands now have apps for smartphones and tablet devices. An app can multiply the number of opportunities to reach consumers with targeted messaging and branding. Apps help maintain engagement and keep customers interacting with the brand.

Zco Corporation’s association with AMA Boston reflects our commitment to building quality projects and educating marketers on the benefits of creating mobile assets. To learn more about Zco’s mobile and creative services, email us or give us a call at 603-881-9200.

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