Based on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the mazlo app is designed to revolutionize the dating experience. In order to help users reach self-actualization, the app facilitates high-quality dating experiences with a scoring process and direct feedback from dates. Mazlo employs a proprietary algorithm that minimizes spam and the eliminates the need for ads, selling premium services, and selling user data to generate revenue. Instead, users can pay to refresh their profiles if their scores are low.

Best Dating App - Mazlo

Mazlo rewards honest people. High quality users earn higher scores from representing themselves truthfully, which raises their chances of meeting other high quality users. The algorithm within mazlo determines a user’s “point of frustration” when scores fall too low and become unappealing to others, at which point a profile refresh is offered and the user can start over by fulfilling additional profile requirements.
The app prioritizes the safety and security of all users, keeping contact anonymous until both parties are ready to take the next step. Singles can also leave 20-second voice recordings for potential matches, freeze their profiles while not actively looking, and re-view the last three profiles they declined.
“The expectations of every user in the online dating space will be redefined by mazlo,” says Co-Founder David J. Lubert. “Ultimately, we believe that using this method of quantifying feedback and organizing the anonymous results for the user in an orderly and meaningful manner will result in less bad dates. By offering users the ability to provide feedback after meeting, mazlo will facilitate a sense of empowerment that is not currently available. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a satisfying dating experience without having to pay for monthly access or premium services, deal with spam, or waste time on disingenuous people. Mazlo addresses each of these inconveniences by employing a logical approach that is transparent to the user.”
Mazlo also incorporates a dual connection dating experience with two ways to meet new people within one app. Users can maz through profiles to determine if they are interested, or can use maz live to anonymously connect with other active maz live users within 100 feet.
“Maz live transforms the scope of online dating and will ultimately change how people communicate in social situations. With maz live, online dating becomes a social experience and can be done anywhere,” says Co-Founder Jessica Birks. “Why stay in on a Friday night looking through profiles, when a user can be anywhere and meet new people without the risk of being rejected or missing an opportunity to meet ‘the one’? Mazlo exponentially increases the opportunities to find what you are looking for.”
Mazlo launched in August and is now available to everyone in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Twitter: @mazlodating

About the Creator

Mazlo was created by EndGame Design Laboratories, LLC.  EndGame aims to provide an efficient and worthwhile experience for every user, every time. Through the use of proprietary algorithms within mobile applications, the company designs app solutions that focus on the elimination of spam and inconvenient user experiences such as ads, buy ups, or selling data. EndGame’s mission is simple: we strive for precision and efficiency in everything we do in order to perfect each user’s experience – while protecting the user at all times. This belief is at the core of everything we create.

About the Developer

Zco Corporation is a tried-and-true software development company that has been living and breathing technology for over 25 years.  A proven and reliable vendor choice, Zco is passionate in its mission to create attractive, resilient products for its clients. Its powerhouse team, one of the largest in the world, was handpicked for specialties in mobile app development, enterprise software, and animation services.

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