Every app creator hopes for thousands of downloads the day their app goes live. The reality is often somewhat disappointing. In a sea of applications, even usable, well-designed apps can be difficult to find at first. Increasing user downloads for your app doesn’t have to be a chore. With excellent design, quality mobile app development services, and clever pricing, your app can be downloaded to many devices in no time at all.

Happy Mobile App Customer spread the word about great appsOffer a great product
A fine idea that’s poorly executed isn’t going to generate much buzz. Exceptional graphics, smooth animation and creative sound go a long way toward making an app attractive to potential users. Usability is key. If a customer logs into your app and can’t figure out the controls - or if those controls are frustrating and convoluted - it decreases the chance of a second use or a good review.

Set the right price
On two-dollar Tuesday, the creator of Dropzone made $8,000 in a single day by lowering his price from $14 to $2. Users who may not be willing to take a chance on an expensive app will probably see low cost as minimal risk. If your app isn’t being downloaded, consider your price. Look at apps similar to yours. Consider whether a temporary or permanent price adjustment will benefit your work.

Test your app and consider feedbackWoman Displaying Cellphone with Mobile Apps
If many users experience a similar problem or share a complaint, determine whether it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. A few comments about a poor audio track may simply be opinion; six of ten reviews stating errors in gameplay may not be. Ask people you know to test your app and give honest responses about its usefulness and design. Make changes if necessary.

When someone gives you positive feedback, encourage the person to leave a review in the app store. Users choosing between several similar apps may make an ultimate decision based on reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely a person is going to be to take a chance on an unknown app. Another benefit of positive reviews is that they increase your ranking and visibility in the app store. Don't underestimate the power of a few positive words.

Don’t worry if your app doesn’t have 1 million downloads right out of the gate. A little extra work and a little more time can change the course of the app. With worldwide app revenue exceeding $15 billion in 2011, there are definitely enough users to go around.

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