Great Falls, MT - Landmarks AR mobile application was recently updated with the latest imagery to provide travel enthusiasts a top-notch experience. The ad-free application is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play for $2.99. 

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Landmarks AR mobile application was created by 3 travel and outdoor enthusiasts, Snipes, Kovacich, and Seltzer. They all loved exploring new sites and the world around them, but noticed there was no mobile solution to identify both natural and man-made landmarks. This brought them to Zco to build an app they believed would not only assist them, but all other adventure seekers.
Landmarks AR acts as a user’s tour guide to both natural and man-made landmarks around the world. The application provides real-time on-screen info about nearby locations and key points of interest by linking with Google Maps and Wikipedia.
Landmarks AR can be used in two different positions.  The first position is when the consumer holds the device vertically in the landscape orientation. In this view, pins indicate landmarks overlaid on the map. The second position requires the consumer to tilt the screen flat. In this position the user can see a topographical map with nearby landmarks. Once a point of interest is discovered, tapping on the pin can open more information about the landmark. If the user does not wish to view a map there is a list feature that can be activated by tapping anywhere on the map.

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App users do not just need to settle for all the landmarks, but they can target the categories based on their favorite activities. To set up the feature the user goes to the settings and updating categories and sub-categories. All of the categories below include items that the creators stumbled upon on their many adventures.
Categories and Sub-Categories:

  • Urban: airports, local parks, monuments, schools and universities, stadiums, and miscellaneous

  • Parks and Forests: national forests, national parks, state forests, and state parks

  • Recreational: golf, hiking, and skiing locations

  • Mountains: caves, cliffs, ranges, ridges, and summits

  • Water: dams, islands, lakes, oceans, rivers, springs, streams, waterfalls, and other bodies of water

Each of these specified categories and sub categories can be adjusted based on location. There is an adjustable range slider that goes from 0 to 100 miles depending on the travelers range. If the consumer decides they reach a landmark and wish to save the location there is a Favorites and My Places. These locations can be can be referred at any time no matter the location near or far.
The application also has the ability to share any of the landmarks you have visited or wish to visit with friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

Enjoy your next traveling adventure and let us know if you use the Landmarks AR application. 

Landmarks AR Mobile Application

About WorldSee, LLC

Creators Ben Snipes, Mark Kovacich, and Ryan Seltzer are from Great Falls, MT. Their shared appreciation for the beauty and recreational opportunities provided by their home state inspired the Landmarks AR app. When they could not find an app for identifying what mountains or rivers they were encountering during their travels, they came up with Landmarks AR. Ben, Mark, and Ryan hope to connect the users of Landmarks AR with the information they need to identify, share, and enjoy every landmark they encounter in their adventures.

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