Kinesio Capture Motion Analysis Software

Kinesio Capture represents the next evolution of motion analysis tools for anyone interested in improving human movement. This tool is for serious sports performance and medical professionals, and will enhance your athletes', clients' or patients' ability to rehearse, and refine movement patterns for more efficient and effective results. This illustrative product incorporates revolutionary iPad2 or iPhone touch screen interface technology so that athletes, clients and patients have a rapid-fire way of enhancing skills and techniques through instant visual feedback.

Kinesio Capture believes "only perfect practice makes perfect." This app is so precise that knowledgeable Coaches, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Trainers can now dramatically reduce the time required to turn practice into perfection. The competition won't know what hit them when an athlete that used Kinesio Capture gets in the game.

If you are not a believer in perfection then allow the Kinesio Capture to change your mind. Once the video is captured, there are multiple features that can be used to refine the dose response relationship. There is a moveable postural grid and multicolored bullseye success zone, or a split screen feature where two video clips are shown side by side for comparison. The video-layering feature allows two videos to be shown one on top of the other to see the difference in body position and alignment. Joint angles and drawing lines can even be drawn on the screen to show the athlete, client or patient where they are successful or where they need to improve for virtually any specific motion or task.

It is an amazingly simple to use software for such a technical tool. Kinesio Capture is precise and compact, which makes it easily portable. The iPhone and iPad have greater portability than laptops because they are handheld and light, and therefore can be transported from place to place with ease. The portability of the two devices makes photos and videos for Kinesio Capture that much easier to take. Many major universities and professional organizations have already purchased this revolutionary new tool. Why not be one of the many others to jump on the Kinesio Capture bandwagon? Become the professional you've always wanted to be!

Kinesio Capture, developed by app development company Zco Corporation of Hudson, NH, is now available for iPad2 for $299 and for iPhone for $49.99. Purchase this performance enhancer today in the iTunes App Store by searching the Healthcare & Fitness category.

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