Hollywood isn’t the only entertainment mecca that likes to dip back into proven wells for new content. Video game sequels on tap right now include casual mobile distractions and decades-old franchises.

Video games New Super Mario Bros. 2: Is there any classic game character more beloved than Mario? The plucky plumber started out in Donkey Kong but quickly graduated to his own franchise, Super Mario Bros. He pretty much became Nintendo’s mascot, and now the Super Mario Bros. series has sort of rebooted, with the “New” side-scrolling games on Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii.

The latest game makes collecting coins almost a game in itself, with tens of thousands of them spread throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. New Super Mario Bros. 2 has gotten fairly mediocre reviews, but like pizza, a mediocre Mario game is still pretty good.

New video gamesPlants vs. Zombies 2: Hooked on defending your lawn from moaning hordes of undead? You’ll be able to get a new fix in spring of 2013. Popcap Games has announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be coming out then, complete with new zombies and plant types. More details? Eh, not many, yet, but sometimes all you need is hope in order to persevere a little longer.

Best video games Angry Birds Friends: Green Day: Not so much a sequel as an update with stunt casting, this new “episode” of the Facebook-based game explores the synergy between rock music and video gaming. You know the little green pigs that the birds are so angry at? In this episode of 10 levels, there are pig characters with clothes and hairdos just like the band members. And of course your gameplay is accompanied by music.

Perhaps not every Angry Birds player is a Green Day fan – or vice versa – but bringing the two communities together can only increase devotion to both. That’s probably what they’re hoping for, anyway.

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