Well I’m Eric, and I’ve been a drum teacher now for over twenty years. So I decided to make an application called the iSnare Practice Pad to help the percussionists practice their skills and for anybody that wants to learn basics of the snare drum. So I choose Zco Corporation to make this application, and I’m very happy I did. The Zco team is very prompt. From working with the sales to the project manager, the whole process was very efficient. Communication was great. I was always in touch and involved with them every step of the way. So I was able to get the product accomplished on a very timely basis. Not only that but the marketing team was superb. They created a press release for my application, which was picked up by major publications and websites.

So here is the iPad, and you have the iSnare application. The splash screen comes up and then you have the snare drum. Now to choose your tone, you press the “I”, which is up to the top right, and you have four tones come up: rock, jazz, dance, and electro. For this demonstration we’re gonna pick rock. You press rock and then you press done and the snare comes up. For this demonstration we’re going to use our fingers; you can use your hands but with my right and left finger I’m going to show the single stroke roll and then the double stroke roll. And that is the iSnare Practice Pad.

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