Siri may be taking the world by storm but you will be interested to know, or maybe you already do know, Android has been ahead of the game this whole time.  They have an app called Iris, which is basically Siri in a nutshell. The major difference is, Iris has recently teamed up with ChaCha.  ChaCha is a huge question and answer database and has more intelligence when people ask questions to the this voice activation system in different ways.  Iris will now function on a whole new playing field.  I don’t have Siri (I have the iPhone 4) but from what I hear people love Apple’s recently developed voice activation system.  I haven’t heard too much about Iris but now that they are pairing up with ChaCha I am sure we will hear a lot more about it.  ChaCha is a fusion of technology and human intelligence.  Do you have an Android and own the Iris app? Zco wants to hear more about it! Are you excited Iris is going to team up with ChaCha?

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