The iPhone continues to grow in popularity as Verizon has sold out of their pre-order stock for existing customers. The pre-sale began on February 3rd at 3 AM and within two hours Verizon had beat their first day sales records. The pre-sale was over shortly after 8PM EST. Customers who were able to get in on this pre-order action, may see their shiny new toys as early as Feb. 7th.

This release ends AT&T’s exclusive US rights to the iPhone, which they have held for over 3 years. The iPhone 4s will be available in Verizon stores beginning February 10th. In effort to hang on to their current customers, AT&T is offering a free 3G microcell, which helps users reach 3G signals. This has a retail value of $200, but requires customers to stay with AT&T for another 12 months.

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