In a recent poll conducted by CNET last week, 50% out of nearly 10,000 voters said they would choose the iPad over other computing devices of a value of $500. The survey included comparable price options such as the Android tablet, Chromebooks, smartphones, small laptops and iPads.

One factor the blogger suggests readers keep in mind is that the poll did not consider whether the numbers reflect future purchase trends versus current ownership.

Moreover, it is the iPad – as of today – that is grabbing consumer interest.

CNET survey of computing devices reveals Apple iPad is top consumer choice


More numbers from the poll:

Laptop-type devices versus tablets:
Tablets: 66 percent (6617 votes)
Laptops/Chromebooks: 30 percent (2965 votes)

Breakdown by OS manufacturer:
Apple iOS: 50 percent (4980 votes)
Google Android/Chrome: 26 percent (2639 votes)
Windows laptops: 20 percent (1963 votes)

Which would you chose?

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