Chitka Insights has posted the results of a study that shows just how popular Apple’s iPad is compared to other tablets. According to the report, Apple’s iPad accounts for 94.64 percent of all tablet web traffic. The nearest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy, only gets 1.22 percent. The third highest competitor was the Nook, by Barnes and Noble. It had 0.53 percent traffic share and is primarily marketed as an eReader.

Results were collected from the Chitka Insight ad network, composed of over 200,000 sites displaying more than 4 billion targeted ads each month.

Apple iPad Tablet
A similar study, conducted in 2011 by Rimm-Kaufman Group, showed the iPad’s traffic share at 96 percent. The report, posted by Mark Ballard, indicated that the iPad’s traffic share has grown exponentially since 2010 when it was introduced. The only slowdown they witnessed was in January and February of 2011. Ballard speculated that the iPad 2’s release in March 2011 might have caused new users to wait for the update before making an iPad purchase.

Like the Chitka Insights report, the Rimm-Kaufman study showed that the Samsung Galaxy was in second place, with 1.4 percent of the traffic share. Third place, however, went to Motorola Xoom with 1.3 percent. Other Android devices in a combined category received the same traffic share as the Xoom.

The Rimm-Kaufman report noted that the iPad’s traffic share was outpacing its unit sales, meaning that iPad owners are using the iPad for Internet browsing more often. Overall tablet use is still only 3 percent of Internet traffic, though, and few sites have developed tablet-friendly webpages. Google has designed a tablet-friendly version of its main search page.

Overall mobile Internet use, as of October 2011, was 6.8 percent according to Wired. This includes smartphones, tablets, and other non-computer devices capable of accessing the Internet. Mobile Internet use is increasing every year.

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