Apple continues to amaze consumers with innovative technology and consistent company growth. The iPad is Apple’s newest and most popular product this holiday season. With less than a year on the market, iPad’s skyrocketing sales are expected to reel in 50% of Apple’s financial growth in 2011.

The newest iPhone is predicted to be responsible for the other 40% of Apple’s increasing sales for the 2011 fiscal year. Apple plans to increase all of its capital expenses over the 2011 year to about 55%. 2011 goals also include a retail expansion of approximately 40 to 50 new stores worldwide.

It is reported that Robert Cihra of Caris & Company distributed a note to investors on Friday that praised, “Apple's growth is stunning." Cihra went on to say that Apple has managed to effectively create its own growth through innovation, while its competitors are “lost in a sea of otherwise commoditized hardware.”

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