Word-Ed, a new word guessing game for the iPad and iPhone

Word-Ed, a new word guessing game for the iPad and iPhone, is now available for download. The app takes a unique approach to traditional word-find games. To start playing, a user rolls a die. The number on the die corresponds to the number of tiles that can be uncovered on a playing board. As more letters emerge, users can attempt to identify words from a word bank at the bottom of the screen. A player then swipes the tiles where the word might be on the board and taps a “guess” button to receive points if the word’s position is guessed correctly.

Since Word-Ed also features definitions and synonyms for each uncovered word, it can also help improve a user's vocabulary. Ed Barone, the app’s inventor, says, “This fantastic game is not only fun, but an exercise to your brain too.”

The game offers three levels of difficulty, making it appropriate for all ages. Word-Ed also allows users to play a match alone or pass the device along and play with a friend. Scoring changes depending on the number of players. If a user selects single-player, they will play against the clock. If the two-player option is selected, the highest score determines the winner. Time is not measured in two-player matches.

The more the game is played, the better players will become at guessing words and completing the puzzles. Once a player is ready for bragging rights, the app allows social sharing of scores via Facebook and Twitter. Word-Ed is now available for download from the iTunes store for only $0.99 and inventor Barone says, “You will be a Word-‐Ed fan in no time.”

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