Children's Board Game App Now Available in the iTunes Store

A new board game for children four to ten years of age called Picnic in the Park is now in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

Picnic in the Park iPad App for KidsPicnic in the Park is designed to be easy for kids to play. All that's required is rolling the die; the game takes care of everything else.

As the game progresses, players stop on squares labeled with food items. A player can then choose food to add to picnic baskets. Certain food items like chicken, pizza, apples and watermelon are sprinkled throughout the game board. Others are only found throughout a park scene in areas called Delightful Drinks, Hamburger Heaven, Hotdog Hill and The Sweet Spot. If required items aren't collected by the time a player leaves an area, he or she must go back and try again.

Along with picnic food, players also collect cards along the way. Some cards are beneficial, while others hinder the player's progress. Obstacles include bears stealing hamburgers from baskets and ants trampling desserts. A park ranger can chase bears away, and ant traps can take care of the pesky insects.

Users can play Picnic in the Park against the iPad or with up to three friends. The player that reaches the picnic spot first with a basket of all the required food items is declared the winner.

Picnic in the Park was first designed as a physical board game and then adapted for the iPad with sound effects and music. The game is designed to be entertaining for children replaying the game many times.

About the Game Designers

Brothers Jim and Tom Trunzo have been designing games together for more than 30 years. Their first game was called "Title Bout: the Game of Professional Boxing." They have also collaborated on "Pro Tennis," "APBA Pro Boxing," "APBA Soccer," "Dwarf Mountain," "Journey" and "Hydra."

Both men are now grandfathers, motivating them to create a child-friendly game with no hint of violence, no direct competition and no hidden in-game costs. They also have nearly 70 years combined experience in public education and incorporated lessons like counting and simple word recognition into the gameplay.

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