Spot Cars of Certain Colors, Gain Points, and Compete with Friends!

Color Car Mania interactive iPad game for kids

Color Car Mania is an interactive iPad Game aimed to captivate a child’s attention. Played with up to four participants, the object is to find cars of certain colors while on car trips or watching the road. Certain colors are worth a specified amount of points. The player with the most points wins!

When a player spots a car of a certain color, they call out its color. The players and their points are displayed in each corner of the iPad screen. When the other players confirm that the callout is correct, that car is dragged from the middle of the screen to the player’s corner and points are automatically updated for that player.

Players can choose a cartoon character image, name the character and find cars of a range of colors including yellow, red, blue, green and orange. Color Car Mania can be customized in terms of which color cars to put in play, and how many points each color should be valued at. The game can also be played in a timed mode or infinite mode. Players can decide a determined amount of time for a timer that will count down on the game screen. Whoever has the most points at the end of the determined time frame, wins!

An added twist to Color Car Mania is the ‘Wild Car’. This Wild Car option can include police cars or obscure colored cars, like pink. The Wild Car is worth additional points and certainly keeps players on their toes by changing every two minutes!

Color Car Mania is both entertaining and educational. It is well suited for car trips, both for long trips and errand runs (passengers only of course). Color Car Mania is also perfect for any down time in which a street is in view, including porch sitting, outdoor sporting events, restaurants or waiting and lobby rooms.

Color Car Mania is available for download in the iTunes store for only $0.99! Please visit the iTunes store to see additional screenshots and learn more about this great new game!

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