User interface within the next 5 years is said to be the human mind. What, you say?! According to IBM this is possible. They published their “5 in 5” forecast, which is a prediction of five innovations that will fundamentally change the world.  And making the list is the mind blowing prediction that our minds will operate machines.

No, this is not telepathic. It will be a brain-machine interface (BMI). This machine can detect different brainwaves and tell a computer to respond a certain way. This technology already exists in products for gaming headsets and assisting the disabled in operating computers. Now, IBM wants to take this technology mainstream with interface on everyday devices.

FYI, here are a couple of other technologies that made the “5 in5”, passwords becoming biometric scans, power will come to your home by simply moving around, or the digital divide will be eliminated because of mobile technology. We will have to wait an see which of these technologies come to light in the next 5 years.

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