Multiple issues seem to be plaguing Siri, Apple’s PDA on the iPhone 4S, for those both in the personal and corporate world.  For many, according to, connection issues seem to be a concern.  While Siri needs to be connected to the Internet to work, this still seems to be an issue despite having an Internet connection available.

business-employeeOne user has even sued Apple over Siri, claiming false advertising on commercials due to Siri’s “beta” classification. reports that the lawsuit states that Siri is merely, “at best, a work-in-progress.”  Apple has not yet publicly commented on the lawsuit.

Siri also will no longer be allowed for IBM employees.  According to Technology Review, IBM has a “bring your own device” policy. While the company does distribute about 40,000 corporate-owned BlackBerries to employees, more than twice that number of employees access IBM’s network with personal devices purchased independently.

CNN reports, “everything you say to [Siri is shipped] to a big data center in Maiden, North Carolina.”  What happens to all that data is still mostly unknown. Apple’s License Agreement says, “When you use Siri or Dictation, the things you say will be recorded and sent to Apple in order to convert what you say into text.”  This includes things like names, addresses and other personal information.

Google’s apps aren’t on the list of banned apps.  One reason may be that Google’s apps cannot be used to write e-mails or text messages, so they aren’t as invasive as Siri.  Also, as mentioned on the Google FAQ page, Google anonymizes IP addresses after 9 months.  There is no information about how long it takes for Siri to delete or anonymize searches.

Siri is definitely still a useful product, as stated by Information Week’s contributing editor, Jonathan Feldman.  “Siri took a lot of this column while I was on the treadmill,” he stated, “which probably saved me an hour or two of desk time.” For those that want a PDA that can reliably connect or are IBM employees, though, Siri will no longer do.



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