eRoentgen™ Radiology DX (pronounced: ē-Rent′-gen) provides physicians with a fast, efficient way to determine which radiology test is best for a given patient. By searching a large database of signs, symptoms and diagnoses, you can make quick and confident assessments as to which radiology exam is most appropriate. It has the following benefits:

Quality. By choosing the best test the first time around, the diagnosis is made quickly and accurately.

Safety. Imaging tests are not without risk. Unnecessary exams increase radiation exposure and expose patients to contrast materials without clear benefit.

Economy. Diagnostic imaging tests are very expensive. Inappropriate radiology testing represents a significant healthcare cost. Fewer 3rd party payor denials will reduce waste and diminish your administrative headaches.

Convenience. Using the elegant and simple iPhone user interface of eRoentgen™, the health care professional can easily and quickly determine the best imaging test while in the exam room.

Staying Current. Radiology is a vast and constantly changing field. Keeping up with these changes is a daunting task. eRoentgen™ is an up-to-date, invaluable tool. Recommended for users of Epocrates, Pepid, WebMd, Medscape, Diagnosaurus DDX, Davis’s Drug Guide, iPregnancy, BrainWave, Merck Manual, Vision, Top 200 Drugs, Medical Encyclopedia, Black Bag, Speed Bones MD.

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