The Hungry Bunnies 3D game brings classic whack-a-mole arcade play with a twist to the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The mobile game is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

hungry bunnies 3D is one of the leading 3d mobile games

The game opens with a picturesque prairie scene and a mission taken up by Papa Bunny to gather food for his hungry family. To succeed in his challenge, he must surpass treacherous enemies at various levels of the game.

As the game begins, players can choose from the 2 modes: Campaign or Free Play. By choosing the Campaign mode, the player gets introduced to Papa Bunny and the mode also familiarizes us with the storyline of the game. The Campaign mode portrays how Papa Bunny bravely faces dangerous animals competing for the bare available food to take home to his family. Everything from prairie dogs and rabid squirrels to lake monsters and yetis try to steal the food you’ve gathered.

To fight the enemies, players can hit them on their heads with the basic hammer or deploy various power-ups. The Black Hole sucks up many enemies at once; the Clock slows them down; the Mud Trap ensnares them in a sticky mess. Other power-ups also include the 2X Hammer, Cherry Bomb, and Spike Ball.

Players begin with a few power-ups along with a limited amount of game cash and game coins to increase their collection and advance in the Campaign mode. More coins and cash can be bought through in-app purchases. Passing levels, whacking enemies, and protecting food also earns coins.

In both modes, players start on the Prairie level. Additional levels can be unlocked immediately in Free Play for $0.99 each, for $5.99 total, or by reaching them in Campaign mode.

Players can connect Hungry Bunnies 3D to Facebook and Twitter. The language options available for the game include English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

"The concept of Hungry Bunnies 3D was inspired by my love of the classic ‘whack a mole’ game,” said the creator. “When my brother and I saw the serious lack of a fast-paced and entertaining version of the game we knew we had to put our variation on the market. We’ve now created a game that is more sporadic and unpredictable with a variety of weapons to send the various vermin back into their holes.”

Zco Corporation, one of the largest app developers in the world, developed Hungry Bunnies 3D for Mchezo.

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