According to reports from GigaOm, a news site, HTC and Beats will reveal a new line of smartphones and tablets. The devices will include Beats audio and potentially a music streaming service.  Just like much of the other mobile news, this potential feature will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress.

In order for this to happen, HTC is relying heavily on Beats co-founder and Chairman Jimmy Iovine's connections in the music industry. The goal is to provide a streaming service that will be the default music client on HTC devices. HTC is using Spotify as an example to what they want the service to mirror. HTC want to avoid how the process is done currently on iTunes and the Android Market.

Iovine has said Beats is a company that is looking to improve the quality of digital audio and the way people hear it however and wherever it can. Since HTC had decreased sales they are looking for a new product line, and this could be the answer. To read more check out

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