The chatter at HP is much different from last year’s fourth quarter talks. In late 2010, HP Executive Vice President Todd Bradley said HP “won’t license WebOS to other companies.” Bradley went even further to say that “emulating Apple or Dell is not part of our strategy.”

Now, HP reports CEO Leo Apotheker is currently talking to different parties about licensing their WebOS mobile software. Licensing WebOS might just help strengthen operations due to the slump in PC sales. Samsung is said to be one of the companies to whom HP is talking. Bloomberg reports that HP could get into some trouble by licensing WebOS. They may set themselves up for a situation where their own OS begins to compete with their products.

WebOS is a solid platform with great features and will potentially give hardware makers a competitive choice over Android. The only thing that seems to be holding back the full potential of WebOS is the slim number of apps available for the operations system. But then again, as the adage goes, “if you build it, they will come.” Could WebOS be HP’s Field of Dreams?

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